Privacy Policy

  1. Collection, Processing And Analysis of Data

    In general you can visit WoltHub without providing any personal information. Each time the website is accessed, usage data is transmitted from your browser and stored in log files on the server of our provider:

    • IP address of the requesting computer, partially anonymized. (in the logs e.g. becomes
    • For technical reasons, the complete IP address is always temporarily saved in the current session of a registered user.
    • Date and time of the page visit
    • Name and version of the operating system and browser you are using
    • Website through which you access WoltHub
    • Names of the URLs you retrieved
    • Name of your internet provider, if transmitted

    These data are collected to enable website functionality, to ensure its system security and to optimize the website in terms of content and function.

    Your data is processed anonymously, which means that it cannot be assigned to any person.

  2. Registration with WoltHub

    Even after registration, the data mentioned above will still be stored anonymously. They will be assigned to your user account during the temporary session so that the functionality of the page can be guaranteed.

    The following data are permanently stored within the WoltLab Suite installation at WoltHub:

    • the chosen username
    • the email adress you provided
    • your password, which is encrypted

    The use of a pseudonym as a user name is possible and is strongly recommended.

  3. Email

    Personal data is collected when you contact WoltHub via the contact form or by email. When using the contact form, the form shows which data will be stored.

    When using e-mail, the e-mail address and name used in the e-mail, as well as any other data specified by the user in the e-mail, are stored. The data is stored and used only for answering the request or for the associated administration. The data will then be deleted if you so wish and if there are no statutory retention requirements.

    If you register, you will receive an email to the email address you have provided. It is required that you must confirm your registration with the email sent to you after registration. If you are registered, it is also possible that notifications regarding e.g. new topics can also be sent to you by email. Please check the settings in your user account.

    If you activated the "Accept administration emails" function in your user account, it is possible that you will also receive self-promotional newsletters from WoltHub.

    You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time using the link provided in the newsletter.

  4. Cookies

    WoltHub uses so called cookies to improve the user experience. These are text files that are stored on your device (e.g. computer, smartphone…). Session data is stored in these cookies in order to identify you as the same user.

    How we use Cookies

    We’re using cookies for the following purposes:

    • Login: Once you login to our website, a cookie is set containing your encrypted credentials, required to recognize you between page visits. You can disable this cookie by unchecking “Remember me” in the login form.
    • Session: Upon first visit of our website, the system will create a new unique session for you which will be saved using a cookie on your computer. Sessions are required to recognize users between page accesses. It is a temporary cookie which will be deleted once you close your internet browser.
    • Third-Party Services: Displayed ads or sharing content through social networks or comparable actions might cause a cookie created by them.

    You can change your browser settings so that you are informed about cookie setting or the acceptance for certain cases or if it is generally rejected. If cookies are not accepted, the functionality of the website may be limited for technical reasons.

    Please refer to the instructions for your internet browser from the list below.

  5. Social media, external services, links to external sites

    WoltHub uses social media and embeds content from social media and external services to this website. These are e.g. Twitter, Google Maps and YouTube. Please note that these services each have their own data and privacy protection declarations and, since these services are often operated from the USA, when the respective content is called up, data is also transferred to the USA, wotHub cannot influence that. The content on WoltHub may include links to external websites. Please note that this privacy policy applies only to WoltHub. We cannot influence and cannot control whether other providers comply with applicable data protection law.

    Google reCAPTCHA

    WoltHub uses “Google reCAPTCHA” (hereinafter referred to as “reCAPTCHA”) on its websites. The provider is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”).

    The purpose of reCAPTCHA is to determine whether data entered on our websites (e.g. information entered into a contact form) is being provided by a human user or by an automated program. To determine this, reCAPTCHA analyses the behaviour of the website visitors based on a variety of parameters. This analysis is triggered automatically as soon as the website visitor enters the site. For this analysis, reCAPTCHA evaluates a variety of data (e.g. IP address, time the website visitor spent on the site or cursor movements initiated by the user). The data tracked during such analyses are forwarded to Google.

    reCAPTCHA analyses run entirely in the background. Website visitors are not alerted that an analysis is underway.

    The data is processed on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR. It is in the website operators legitimate interest, to protect the operator’s web content against misuse by automated industrial espionage systems and against SPAM.

    For more information about Google reCAPTCHA and to review the Data Privacy Declaration of Google, please follow these links: and


    WoltHub uses plug-ins of the YouTube platform, which is operated by Google. The website operator is YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA.

    If you visit a page on our website into which a YouTube plug-in has been integrated, a connection with YouTube’s servers will be established. As a result, the YouTube server will be notified, which of our pages you have visited.

    Furthermore, YouTube will be able to place various cookies on your device. With the assistance of these cookies, YouTube will be able to obtain information about our website visitor. Among other things, this information will be used to generate video statistics with the aim of improving the user friendliness of the site and to prevent attempts to commit fraud. These cookies will stay on your device until you delete them.

    If you are logged into your YouTube account while you visit our site, you enable YouTube to directly allocate your browsing patterns to your personal profile. You have the option to prevent this by logging out of your YouTube account.

    The use of YouTube is based on our interest in presenting our online content in an appealing manner. Pursuant to Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR, this is a legitimate interest.

    For more information on how YouTube handles user data, please consult the YouTube Data Privacy Policy under:


    WoltHub uses plug-ins provided by Twitter. The provider is Twitter Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.

    If you visit one of our pages featuring a Twitter plugin, a connection to the Twitter servers is established. Here the Twitter server is informed about which of our pages you have visited. In addition, Twitter will receive your IP address. This also applies if you are not logged in to Twitter when you visit our website or do not have a Twitter account. The information is transmitted to a Twitter server in the US, where it is stored.

    If you are logged in to your Twitter account, Twitter allows you to associate your browsing behavior directly with your personal profile. You can prevent this by logging out of your Twitter account.

    For more information on how to handle user data, please refer to the Twitter Privacy Policy at You can change your privacy settings on Twitter in the account settings at

    The use of Twitter is based on our interest in presenting our online content in an appealing manner. Pursuant to Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR, this is a legitimate interest.

    Google Maps

    Via an API, this website uses the mapping service Google Maps. The provider is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Google Maps is a web service for displaying interactive maps.

    As soon as you browse those sub-pages that have Google Maps integrated, information about your use of our website (such as your IP address) is transferred to Google servers in the USA and stored there. Google may pass this information on to third parties if this is required by law or third parties process this data on behalf of Google.

    Google will not link your IP address to other Google data. Nevertheless, it would be technically possible for Google to use the user data obtained through the use of Google Maps to identify the users, to use them to create personal profiles of users or to process and use them for third-party purposes, WoltHub cannot influence and cannot control this.

    You can view Google's terms of use at, the additional terms of use for Google Maps can be found at /de_US/help/terms_maps.html. You can find detailed information on data protection in connection with the use of Google Maps on the Google website ("Google Privacy Policy"):

    We use Google Maps to present our online content in an appealing manner and to make the locations disclosed on our website easy to find. This constitutes a legitimate interest as defined in Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR.

  6. (06) SSL or TLS encryption

    This site uses encryption technologies so that data sent to WoltHub via the browser (e.g. your login data) is protected. Specifically, this is an SSL or TLS encryption. You can recognize this from the beginning of the website address, which begins with https:// instead of http://, and from the lock symbol that is currently displayed in the address bar in most browsers.

  7. (07) Data: disclosure, correction, deletion, blocking, portability; Withdrawal of consent

    Your personal data stored at WoltHub will not be passed on to third parties.

    You have a right to get information about your stored data free of charge and, if necessary, a right to correction, blocking and deletion, as well as to object to the collection of this data. Please contact:

    When contacting us for information about stored data, please make sure that you are clearly identifiable as the person whose data is stored.

    You also have the right to transfer your data. As a registered user at WoltHub, you have the option of downloading your data yourself using the corresponding menu item. You can find the data export here:

    Note: If you are not registered, your data will not be stored personally identifieable. Data transmission is therefore not technically feasible.

    If you want to delete your user account, you can do this via the user management in your user account. Your account will then be automatically deleted by the software after 7 days. This period is specified by the software. If you want immediate deletion, please contact Please note that if you delete your user account, your published content (e.g. forum posts, comments) will continue to exist.

    If you believe that data has been processed contrary to the statutory rules, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. The responsible supervisory authority for data protection issues is the state data protection officer of the federal state in which WoltHub is based (currently: Berlin). A list of data protection officers and their contact details can be found at the following link:…schriften_links-node.html.

    You can revoke at any time any consent you have already given us. To do so, all you are required to do is send WoltHub an informal notification via e-mail. This shall be without prejudice to the lawfulness of any data collection that occurred prior to your revocation.

last update: 2020-04-01